Malco Pakistan is working for ages as the ranked among best sea freight companies. Sea or Ocean freight also known as sea freight is the movement of goods internationally via sea. It is a popular option for shopping for goods and roughly 90% of the goods are transported through the sea around the world.
The goods are moved on ships through the ocean and there are multiple shipping options available in any ocean freight logistics for different types of goods – the most common is container shipping which is also going by the name containerization or cargo.

Types of sea freight services provided by the company

This method of ocean freight shipping is safe and easy to handle for ocean freight companies. The container can be moved easily without any disturbance and is best for dry and packed items. There are two main types of ocean fright available;


In this method, there are usually one or more containers that are being shipped and it will be exclusively for you. It means the container only has your goods and ensures that there will be no disturbance until you open the parcel. Malco Pakistan is one of the sea freight shipping companies and can help you with the transportation of FCL smoothly.


While on the other hand, the LCL is shipped when the goods are less than a container. In this case, you can share the container with someone else and share the cost. Here you have to be careful about your good because there are chances of mishandling and damage. You can hire Malco Pakistan as it is among the top ocean freight forwarders to help you with it.
Ocean freight forwarding companies like Malco Pakistan provide exceptional services related to FCL and LCL at the best container ocean freight rates.
Cargo Containers ship - Malco

Ship Using the Ocean Freight

Ocean freight relies heavily on the services of the third party that is known as a freight forwarder, such as Malco Pakistan, as an ocean freight forwarder picks up the goods and arranges for them to be loaded and on board for a shipping container in ocean. And the final step is to deliver to the destination.

The shipping contracts are another part of the process that has standard international shipping terms. The contract knows the Incoterms.

The most known Incoterms include free on-board, ex-works, and delivery duty paid. And after deciding the terms you can process the following steps.

• Export haulage is the process where the goods will be transported from the seller’s warehouse to the freight forwarders’ warehouse.

• The next step is to export custom clearance including the detailed ocean cargo declaration, with the supporting document.

• The origin handling stage covers the activities to prepare the good for shipping.

• Sea freight shipping is the step where the actual transportation of your goods across the sea. It can take depending on the distance from the start to the endpoint.

• Import custom clearance happens when the goods reach the final point. It includes the declaration of the cargo will necessary forms. A fee is also charged at this step.

• Destination handling covers all the activities of confirming the goods, and documents, and then the container moves to the forwarders’ warehouse.

• The last step of import haulage is to move the goods from the warehouse to the final destination.

Average ocean freight rates

The ocean freight shipping Pakistan is determined after analyzing different aspects such as fuel cost, supply, and demand, exchange rate, the size of your shipment, the type of vessel that is required, and others.

Malco Pakistan is one of the ocean container shipping companies that provide affordable ocean freight rates to its clients. You can contact us anytime to know more about the ocean freight charges.

Other sea container shipping rates may include insurance, container freight station, pickup and delivery at ports/warehouses, routing charges, customs, and others.