Freight Deliveries

Pakistan’s freight and logistics business is poised with immense potential due to its home market’s size of over 220 million people and important geographic location on the world stage. Through investment programmes under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridors (CPEC) and other initiatives, the government is enhancing the transportation infrastructure.

By signing and ratifying international trade and transportation accords, countries in Central Asia are promoting trade through the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Program (CAREC). Furthermore, the government established the National Transport Policy in 2018, recognising multimodal logistics as one of the sectors that cut across all others, and outlining the strategic orientations for transformation in the freight and logistics sector.

The government decided to create a National Freight and Logistics Policy (NFLP), which outlines concerted and dedicated actions aimed at facilitating, modernizing, and reforming the freight and logistics sector, with a view to enhancing the competitiveness of the nation, promoting local value chains, and streamlining cross-border and global supply chains. The government is aware of the potential of the freight and logistics sector as well as the growing number of freight forwarding agency in Karachi. There’s an increased international competitiveness in this sector.

We have put together a thorough guide that includes instructions for inspecting your freight deliveries.

Monitoring Your Freight Deliveries: Some Recommendations

Verify Your Shipping

Confirming your freight shipment should be your initial action. In other words, you notify your shipping customer or your freight forwarding agency in Karachi that you have safely arrived at your destination.

For instance, if you were required to send a specified quantity of products, determine how many things are present in the freight shipment and verify their arrival. Moreover, make sure the products are the appropriate kind and size. Depending on the type of cargo you’ve transported, this may be a little challenging, but try your best.

Examine any Missing Items

The freight package should then be given a more thorough inspection to look for any missing items. The last thing you want to happen is to confirm your shipment, update your client’s supply chain management system, and then find out that certain items are lost or damaged. If so, you will need to manually change the quantities of your goods, supplies, or other shipment units.

Even if it can take some time, attempt to finish it as soon as you get there with the shipment. Keep in mind that you don’t have to open every box to get a precise count; the recipient or shipping customer is in charge of it. Make a note of any missing items and report them.

Check for Damages

Your freight inspection should incorporate a thorough examination for damage, similar to a freight audit. Transport companies or a freight forwarding agency in Karachi are in charge of making sure that their cargo arrives not only on time but also intact or in the condition that the recipient expects.

A customer can be entitled to reimbursement from the shipping company if they receive a shipment of goods for their company that were broken or otherwise damaged in route. They ought to be given an explanation, at the absolute least.

Keep Track of What You Learn

It’s time to record your freight inspection findings at this point. Depending on your business operations, you should either write down your results or enter them into the software you already use.

Whatever the case, the report you create should include a summary of any damaged or missing products you found as well as any justifications the shipping company provided. After you have this information, you can alert the shipping company or your freight forwarding agency in Karachi of the incident.

Comparing the Before & After Images

Sometimes it can be difficult to discern if your freight has actually arrived intact. In other cases, a shipping customer can accuse you of stealing or damaging some of their merchandise when there was no such incidence.

Hence, before you depart for your initial destination, take “before” pictures of your merchandise. Once you’ve reached your goal, take further images and compare them. You’ll be able to shield yourself from potential legal troubles, such theft charges.

Before-and-after pictures are also generally helpful for confirming that all of the significant cargo items you delivered are still present. This visual method of confirmation is frequently quicker than scanning through lengthy cargo lists.

Post Inspection

Once you have completed your initial assessment and have recorded all problems, safely convey the cargo to your facility. Open these packages and meticulously recheck them for any damage that the packaging might have obscured. You must notify the carrier of any newly discovered difficulties for concealed damages within five business days.

How to proceed if the shipment is visibly damaged after inspection?

You must take the necessary actions in order to establish a satisfactory resolution if, after inspecting your cargo, you find that certain items have been damaged during transit. Even though such a revelation can be upsetting, it is best to maintain your composure because losing your fury won’t help the matter at all. Keep your composure, and write notes in the proof of delivery.

Why is it Important to Check Your Freight Deliveries?

Simply put, freight inspection is crucial in order to ensure that your shipment is delivered intact and to shield you from liability.

Customers may attempt to avoid paying freight rates in specific circumstances by complaining that you damaged their shipment or that some cargo wasn’t delivered at all. You may disprove these allegations and operate a tighter operation, safeguarding your firm, yourself, and any linked employees, if you maintain accurate records and do freight inspections.

The Bottom Line

We strongly advise you to establish a habit of carefully checking every freight shipment you receive. Make a note of any obvious damage during this check, and make sure the driver is also aware of it. Hold onto the items, keep them safe, and submit a claim for damaged goods right away if the items are in fact damaged. Damage will occur over time; by taking these precautions, you can protect your business and avoid problems and potential losses.

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