Malco Pakistan is one of the largest freight forwarders that provide services to get goods from the manufacturers or the producers to the market, consumers, or any other final point of distribution. The cargo logistic company has several carriers in contact that helps in moving goods from one country to another.
Malco is ranked as the top freight forwarders in Pakistan and arranges stress-less arrangement of cargo. We provide high-end services that include.

Road Freight Transportation

It refers to the freight type in which the goods are transferred by road. Malco is among the top freight forwarding companies in Pakistan that rely on this freight method for local transport between the cities within the country. It is efficient and less expensive mood if compared to air freight and the best choice if you are transporting anything on a domestic level.

Air Freight Transportation

This freight mode allows the shipments to be transferred by an air carrier. Air freight companies carry commercial and charter carriers and can transport them to any place in the world where airplanes can land. We provide these services to the clients that help them in transporting the carriers. It is the best option when delivery timing is a problem and you are looking for the most valuable option.

Ocean Freight Transportation

If you are searching for the best freight forwarding services near me, then the Malco is the best option for you, especially if you are looking for an ocean freight forwarder. Malco has developed various services, Pacific to the East China Sea to the Atlantic and Indian Ocean, we provide our freight services throughout the oceans. As the international freight forwarders in Pakistan, we are proud to claim that we provide outclasses services. This type of shipment is best when transferring larger parcels. The method involves packing shipments in big containers that are loaded in the vessels. Avail freight forwarding services from Malco Pakistan The company is working as an international freight forwarder and provides high-class services to clients. They are helping clients in moving small, medium, and large parcels from one country to another as air and ocean top freight forwarders. They are highly considered by many businesses and enterprises for global freight. Malco Pakistan is also a proud member of the Pakistan freight forwarders association and linked with the community to make the amendment legally. Not only this, but we are also proud to be listed as the best freight forwarder for amazon fba. All of this recognition encourages us to give our best.


What are some types of ocean freight transportation?

Freight forwarding Pakistan provides the full container load (FCL) and less than the container load (LCL) types of ocean freight transportation.

Is Malco among the good freight forwarding companies?

Malco Pakistan is among the shipping forwarder who is known as the biggest freight forwarders for their best services and great value.

What are some freight forwarders near me?

If you want to experience the best freight services, then consider Malco Pakistan. We are rated as the biggest freight forwarder because of our exceptional services and qualification for providing the best.

Is Malco best for amazon shipment?

This international freight forwarder in Pakistan named Malco Pakistan is best to avail of services for amazon shipment. The company is among the top amazon freight forwarders.