Dangerous Goods Services

The DG in shipping means dangerous goods. The transportation of dangerous goods is some of the most complex shipment types that required an in-depth understanding and knowledge about the relevant regulation. Malco Pakistan specializes in all types of cargo shipping including the DG. We can handle everything and make the shipping dangerous goods easy for the clients; from the handling to the identification, packaging, labeling, marketing to documentation we know everything about it.

Malco Pakistan – Dangerous Goods Freight Company

Malco Pakistan helps clients in shipping dangerous goods internationally without any problem. We transport the shipment with care and understanding about the material.

Chemicals goods cargo handling service

There are a lot of chemicals that are being used in different industries and the transportation of these chemicals is common. But it is hard to move this dangerous chemical from point A to point B. But with the experts from Malco Pakistan, this transportation will become easy for you. We provide the best chemicals cargo handling services to clients with perfection. The team at our company doesn’t leave any room for mistakes.


Petroleum good handling services in Karachi

petroleum products and items are another good that comes on the list of DG. The shipment of petroleum requires a lot of care because of its flammable quality. We prefer to ship the petroleum items separately to minimize any mishaps.

Malco Warehouse & Laden Tank Container - Malco

Cosmetics goods cargo handling services in Karachi

The cosmetics items are not that dangerous but they are indeed fragile and some of the components have to be in a specific environment. These type of goods has to be shipped with proper maintenance and this can only be done with Malco Pakistan. We prepare the whole transportation and the shipment made it4 to the destination without any damage.


Gases cargo handling services in Karachi

Malco Pakistan helps its clients to transfer the gasses goods to different locations without any complexity. We bonded to our statements and give quality to our clients. We handle the gasses goods with care and they reach to their destination just like they were shipped. We take suitable measures to tackle any mishap and to ensure no product damage during the movement.

Radioactive Material cargo handling services in Karachi

We are determined to provide the best services to our clients and we are not afraid of anything because we know how to deliver the goods to the destined location within time and without any damage. And this includes radioactive material also. We have a defined team to measure the suitable precautions and ensure the safety of the goods and from the goods.

Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods services in Karachi

We at Malco Pakistan have everything good for our clients and we are known for our best services. We deliver and transport dangerous goods internationally and keep the precautions in our hands. There is nothing to worry about when you are working with Malco Pakistan.
We guarantee our clients the best services at affordable prices and if you have any queries regarding anything then you can contact Malco Pakistan anytime.