Given the ongoing political and economic situation in Afghanistan, relief cargo, charitable donations and rebuilding materials are being consigned to Afghanistan in heavy volumes. Since Pakistan is one of the countries used to trans-shipped cargo to Afghanistan, we have detailed information and experienced on the different transport possibilities.

We can arrange transport to more cities including Kabul, Kandahar, Mazar-e-Sharif, Herat, Jalalabad and also Bagram. Besides inland transport, we can arrange a complete freight solution from any point of origin through our custom bonded cargo carrier services network.

Container Goods Bonded Transportation - Malco
Bonded Transportation - Malco

The route for the transport of cargo is usually Karachi, Peshawar dry port. We are able to arrange trans-shipment of Afghanistan by road (Noncommercial). Given that Afghanistan is rebuilding, the trade and logistics possibilities are expected to expand over the next few years. If you are participating in this area, please remember that many dangers and threats still exist.

As we already declare we efficiently handled cargo of militaries, governmental organizations, NGOs (humanitarian and relief operations), commercial traders, oil companies, construction companies and many other firms operating in Afghanistan. Transit Trade Logistics Services is based on a one-window solution, real time status update to customers and arrangement of reliable transportation and customs clearance for all kinds of shipments.


Core Advantages

  • Own offices at all border crossings
  • Well trained team handling transit trade business
  • Strong relationships with Bonded Carriers
  • Handling of humanitarian relief goods
  • En-route controls of all

Transportation through Pakistan, handling and door delivery of shipments within most parts of Afghanistan are safe and sound.