The Pak-Afghanistan transit trade agreement work as a successor to the Afghanistan Trade Agreement that is signed in 1965 between Afghanistan and Pakistan. This agreement was to facilitate the transition of goods exported from the imported to Afghanistan by using the Pakistan port of Karachi.

In short, this agreement allows trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan, and several businesses are working to grow their business. Malco Pakistan is one of the leading afghan container transport company that provides shipment accessibility to the business and individuals who want to take part in the afghan transit trade Pakistan. We are specialists in providing containers, heavy transport, and afghan transit along with the nationwide network. We are in business for ages and know everything about the afghan transit trade rules that is helpful for our clients.
Torkham Border - Malco
Malco Pakistan has experienced professionals with accurate information and knowledge of the transit and the background because of our expertise in the regional network also.

As the best company for afghan trade, we provide the outclass services related to :

Malco is the afghan transit company in Karachi that has a seaport that makes it easy for people to make a transfer.

We offer cargo service at very affordable rates and ensure that you are getting everything best through us. We will help you throughout the process; from the start to the end we will be there at your service.

Transfer From The Sea

If you want to import or export anything from Afghanistan to Pakistan or vice versa, then the only medium for sea transportation is the Karachi port. The cargo method is best if you want to import and export within a deadline and want a quick service. This method is easy for instant traders and businessmen. And we assure you that you get the deliveries within the time.

Pakistan to afghan Railways transit trade

At first, the road and sea are the only mediums to import and export from Afghanistan. But now the New Pakistan Afghanistan Train Transports Goods plan evolving the trading and the train will move from Karachi to Chammand and Kandahar.
This will make transportation easier and more accessible. And it can be valuable for small businesses and entrepreneurs to start the import-export business within range. Malco Pakistan offers practical packages for clients.

Malco Provides The Accessible Pak-Afghan Trade Cargo Service

We provide cargo services for all routes; land, sea, or by train. We ensure to offer the best to our clients and with our knowledge and experiences in this field we know how to incorporate strategies and work along with the documentation, planning, and implementing the whole shipment process for our clients, so they can stay in peace. We have experts on our team to help you with everything related to freight train service from Pakistan to afghan.